Wedding ChatBot Accelerator Watch Preview

Boost Revenue 2x-3x by automating your business!

Sounds too good to be true, right?

This course teaches how to implement a chatbot marketing & sales funnel system that attracts constant lead flow at scale, cultivates relationships with couples and enables predictable consultation strategies. A bot will reduce your busywork and improve trust with interested couples. In this course, I will step you through the setup instructions to automate your business, give you scripts and help you get the most out of your Wedding Chatbot Accelerator.

Attract the brides that VALUE your work and offer high-paying gigs.

Even During Quarantine…

We are helping our students hit HIGH 5 fig to 6 fig yearly revenue.

They are making $10k-$20k a MONTH with this method in place!

Photographers are able to take their biz FULL TIME with steady gigs!

In This Course:

  • Learn how to generate hundreds of qualified leads and book more high-ticket weddings 

  • Gain lifetime access to the content portal with my lessons, videos, templates and scripts 

  • Participate in mindset training that helps you nail consults and get top gigs you DESERVE  

  • Experience 1-on-1 expert mentorship through coaching and Q&A sessions with Jonathan 

  • Grow and network with the private student community of like-minded wedding photogs

It’s Time to Invest in Yourself

You’ve bought all the right equipment and put a lot of time into your biz, now you can learn the secrets that will help you find more FREE TIME and book BETTER GIGS. This course is all about helping you access the tools that will take you to a whole other level with your photography business. Spots are limited to ensure students get the individualized mentoring necessary to tailor this approach to their wedding photography business.

30 Lessons

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30 Lessons in Wedding ChatBot Accelerator:


Getting the Most Out of this Course

Module 1: Assembling The ChatBot (Funnel Set-up & Launch)

Chatbot Creation and FB Messenger Set-Up

Email Marketing Set-Up (Automation)

Messenge Ads & Chatbots: Set Up & Launch

Facebook Ads: Master Workflow

Generate Organic Leads: REF Parameter

Module 2: Advanced Facebook Marketing Tactics

The Facebook Ad Algorithm

Retargeting (PSIDs)

Targeting More Qualified Leads (Lookalike Audience)

Exclude Custom Audiences

Automatically Update Custom Audiences

Facebook Custom Conversions

Module 3: Messenger Marketing Strategies

Supercharge Your Ads for Maximum Engagement

SMS Broadcast: Re-Engaged Brides

(Not ready yet) Module 4: Becoming a Copywriter

Copywriting: What is it?

Bot Copy that Converts

Creating Your Lead Magnet

Calls To Actions & Responding to Clients

(Not yet ready) Module 5: Lead Nurturing Strategies

Customer Journey Mapping

Cold Leads To Paying Clients

The 7 Critical Touchpoints

Email Marketing (Nurturing + Segmentation)

VIP Bridal Group Content

Cultivating the Leads by Guiding the Conversation (FB Group)

(Not ready yet) Module 6: Mastering the Art of Conversion

The Art of High-Ticket Sales Mindset

Inquiry Email Scripts

Album Viewing Sales Script

The Art of a Sales Call

The Art of Pricing Collections